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Product Units

NGA - Next Generation Analytics develops test devices and lines for the plastics processing industry. These include solutions for the characterisation and filtration of polymer melt, automatic screen change systems, laboratory and test lines for plastics processing as well as recycling machines. Moreover, the team give advice to companies regarding plastics technology, R & D and realizes tests such as simulations for customers.  

Furthermore, NGA sells machinery of the brands Collin and BritAS. Additionally, NGA presents Collin and BritAS lines at different, international exhibitions.    

Collin Lab & Pilot Solutions  
Collin (Maitenbeth) develops intelligent pilot and laboratory lines in modular system for the plastics processing industry, universities as well as research institutes.  

BritAS Recycling-Anlagen GmbH  
BritAS (Hanau) develops and manufactures lines for the filtration of plastics waste and machines for quality control of plastics products.